From the House of Yaraslav Kennels
our Black Russian Terrier
B Litter Pups

We are proud to show off the B-Litter Pups of Tvorimir Kalinka Malinka ‘Hera’ Born: 30th Apr 2019 and Tvorimir Master of Reality ‘Echo’, Born: 24th Oct 2019. 

This litter was whelped on the 9th of September 2022 in Whakamarama, Tauranga, Western Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. We have found that trying to put ‘colour collars’ on them proved impossible. Mum was quite adept at licking them off. 11 pups were born, one sadly was still born and, despite every effort to prevent, 3 others were smothered by Hera  attempting to feed them all. They all now rest at the top of our property where they see the sun from fisrt to last light. We nearly lost a fifth pup but luck was on our side and we managed to revive it (no we did not check the sex of any pups at that point in time). These seven remaining pups were given full focus and attention, Hera doing well as Mum and making sure they were fed often and doing all the motherly things Mum would. 


The photos and video are somewhat random. They sown Pups at birth through to almost TODAY. And lets be honest it is very hard to tell each apart even though we have been with them and all for coming up two months.. We can see each ones specific personality, yet all have a similar side, but we so often miss which is why we find it hard to say which pup is which..