Civil & Military Medals

Wars, whilst something no-one should encourage or be proud of, have been part of history for probably as long as man has been on this earth. They are won and lost, with both ‘sides’ loosing valuable men, women, and children in (what can only be said) an indiscriminate way. To both the victors and losers medals are awarded for appreciation of service, acts of gallantry and years of service. Recording the services of those within a family is important from both a historical viewpoint and a reminder of what our forebears gave of themselves and families during such Wars.

Throughout the family there was also a display of community service such as Scouting and the Red Cross. ‘Medals’ and or Certificates were awarded to those who gave of their time in these various organisations.

Whilst a new project for the writer, the intention of this page will be to honour those in the Malkin Family Line who have been awarded such medals and honours.

Edwin Malkin 1886 - 1966

When Edwin died his medals went to his third youngest daughter Edna Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Corbishley. They passed on to her daughter (Toni) who passed them to her nephew Andrew O’Donnell. After many years they have been passed into the care of Edwin’s youngest son, John. John’s second eldest son, Derek, dismantled the ‘case’ and medals getting them cleaned up and remounted. The 1914-1915 Star that was mounted alongside Edwin’s other medals we believe is not Edwin’s. First off whilst the medal has ‘R. Suss: R.’  inscribed the name and service number have been amateurishly scratched off. Further research as best one can seems to prove Edwin was not actually ‘entitled’ to this medal so it has not been re-mounted. If other evidence comes to light proving Edwin was indeed entitled to this Star it will be mounted and worn by family.

Florence E Malkin (nee Beezer) 1891 - 1966

Florence ‘Florrie’ must have joined the Red Cross in the mid to late 1930’s as she has proficiency Medals and Bars showing the dates 1937 & 1938. Very little info is known about them at this point, Red Cross NZ say that most of the information surrounding the issue of these were held in ‘Regional HQs’ around the country and are probably now long gone. Certificates have been found and are now displayed below in a slide show along with her ‘Medals & Bars’. They are shown cleaned up as best possible.

Henry Corbishley 1918 - 1973

Henry Corbishley is the husband of Edwin and Florence Malkins third eldest daughter Edna Elizabeth Malkin ‘Betty’.